The Legend Vinny the Fuckin’ Chin

The Legend Vinny the Fuckin' Chin

This is who the fuck I am, Vinny The Chin, the Long Island Legend, for anyone that lives under a fuckin rock or is a herb ass losa. My name is Vincenzo “The Chin” Ferraro and I’m a Legend on Long Island. Why? Because of who knows me, what I’ve done, who I’ve done, who I’ve fought, where I’ve partied, AND I’m still alive to do it all over again next weekend. If your from Long Island and don’t know me your fuckin BEEEEEEEAT!

I was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn then moved to Howard Beach, Queens, then to Massapequa, Long Island by the time I was 5 or 6. Ladies, Im whatever age you want me to be. Alot of fuckin people tried to “Big Boy” me when I was growing up. I tried to be nice, but that’s when I learned quick, nice guys finish last…..get their lunch money stolen first…..get their ass kicked second……have to sit in the front of the bus with the super dork losas and get no attention from bitches…..even when your just a kid and these are young bitches with no titties in elementary school, they don’t want to play barbies with you if no one else respects you. So I said FUCK THIS and started punching everyone that looked at me wrong in the fuckin face! I didn’t give a shit how mucher bigger or older they were. I told them fuck you and followed it up with a fist to the skull. They punched back and I got my ass kicked alot. I had so many feet up in my ass, foot locker wanted to start a shoe store in it, BUT I never gave up. I got in alot of fights at a young age and that’s when I got my nickname “The Chin”.

Party with the Legend!

Because of my toughness, unbreakable spirit, and big ego. That shit carried over into my young adult hood life. I promised myself I wasn’t going to take shit from no one and to always speak whats on my mind, no matter if you wanted to hear it or NOT! I’m just being honest.

Then I went global when these fuckin youtube guys Mike Allen and Keith Orpheus interview me to be in this fuckin reality show they are pitching to some big wig shithead producer. I call him a shithead because he never moved forward with the show and then MTV comes along and steals that shit with “Jersey Shore” and makes zillions. They end up throwing only my interview online and BOOM! It goes viral like fuckin Herp! Now my legendary status reaches worldwide.

Next thing I know, the producer wants to film a documentary JUST ON ME! So now he is just half-a-shithead. They filmed where I’m from, where I shop, who cuts my hair, who I hang out with, who I’m fucking, me doing coke, me doing juice, my family, and of course me preparing all winter long for the most important time of the year….Memorial Day Weekend……MDW, partying in the hamptons for the summertime here in New York. There is no better place to be in the world than summertime in NY.

Everyone wants to sponsor me and give me free shit now because they realize that I’m Number Fuckin 1. Fuckin Ed Hardy Vodka sponsors me, Species Supplments sponsors me, fuckin hired to report news for,, and I always eat for free at Vincent’s Clam Bar and Matteo’s restaurants. I’m the BEST EVER! Now I’m trying to use my new legendary status to add some famous bitches to the body count. Lil Kim, I’m talking to you toots. Hit me up if you see this. I’m from New York, Your from New York….call me. If my battery is dead email me or contact Beak. Watch my movie!!!